Sunset Family Restaurant

The Sunset Family Restaurant is a meat and three in Lebanon, Tennessee (about 25 miles east of Nashville).  In true Southern style, the tables are covered with local advertisements.  It is well worth the drive.  For planning purposes, you should know that it is closed on Wednesdays.

I had the Broasted chicken with turnip greens, green beans, and mac and cheese.  The Broasted chicken was excellent.  The crust was crunchy and the meat was juicy and tender.

Cary had the country fried steak with fried okra, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes.  The mac and cheese is almost Velveeta-like in a good way.  The okra has a light breading that doesn’t overpower the taste of the okra itself.  The cream gravy has just enough smoothness to go with the crisp of the country fried steak.  (On an related note, the first time I tried country fried steak was when I was on a date with Cary very early in our relationship.  He called it chicken fried steak and I thought it was supposed to be chicken.  When I tried it, I was concerned because it didn’t taste anything like I thought it should, but I didn’t tell him that, because he obviously loved it.  It wasn’t until a few months later that I could explain my misunderstanding to him.  I was very relieved to figure out it was steak.  Cary has enjoyed researching food much longer than I have.  Obviously, I have come a long way!)

You have a choice of cornbread or rolls.  We went with the cornbread, which was a good decision.  It was a typical southern cornbread, meaning it was not too sweet, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The turnip greens came with vinegar and chow-chow.  The chow-chow is of the sweet red pepper variety, which is my favorite!

The shining gem of the menu at Sunset is the desserts.  Arguably, I believe Sunset has the best pie in the Nashville area.  This is their praline pie.  The bottom layer is a praline, complete with chopped pecans.  It is topped with vanilla pudding and cool whip.  The combination of flavors is divine.

This is the chocolate meringue pie.  The chocolate has a velvety smooth texture that pairs with the light sweetness of the meringue.  All that combined with the buttery homemade crust makes for possibly the best chocolate meringue pie that I’ve tasted in Nashville.

Who do you think has the best pie in Nashville?  Where else do we need to go try?

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3 comments on “Sunset Family Restaurant

  1. […] which did not photograph well.  To be quite honest, it didn’t measure up to Sunset’s glory.  The meringue was flat and had a funny taste like too much vanilla had been added.  Maybe […]

  2. Dawn Fetterolf says:

    wondering if you might have the recipe for the praline pic or know where i could get it?

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