Tennessee Caviar

Close to this time last year, my little sister got married!  Cary and I were reminiscing about the wedding and I thought I would make one of the dishes served at the reception, Tennessee Caviar (also known as Hillbilly Caviar or Redneck Caviar).

For Tennessee Caviar, you need 1 can of shoepeg corn, 1 can of blackeye peas, 2 cans of Rotel, half a red onion, a green pepper and 1 cup of Italian dressing.

Mix the corn, blackeye peas, rotel, diced green pepper, and diced onions together.   Stir in the Italian dressing and let the mixture marinate overnight.

We serve Tennessee Caviar as a dip with Tostitos chips.  Happy anniversary Katie and Carl!

4 comments on “Tennessee Caviar

  1. jane4383 says:

    Looks very yummy!!

  2. […] an appetizer we ordered Texas Caviar, similar to Tennessee Caviar sans the rotel, green peppers, onions and shoepeg […]

  3. Jen Grant says:

    My favorite dip! Thanks for posting.

  4. […] 4.  Tennessee Caviar:  (Also known as redneck caviar) This is an awesome dish.  We make it as a treat and eat it with chips. […]

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