Nana Rosa

We’ve been following Nana Rosa on twitter for a while and finally got to stop by and try the restaurant out last Friday. I don’t know why we hadn’t been there before now.  Easily this is the best Italian restaurant we’ve been to in Nashville. As a starter, we ordered cheese bread, which had a delightful garlic flavor and plenty of mozzarella cheese.

Our entrees came with a choice of salad or soup.  We opted for the salads, which were very fresh and crisp with carrots, radishes and tomatoes.

When you come into Nana Rosa’s you’ll hear an odd sound coming out of the kitchen.  Something kind of like “ka-thump, ka-thump, ka-thump”.  That, my friends, is the sound of a chicken breast getting pounded out for chicken parmesan, chicken picatta, or chicken marsala, and I’ve only heard that sound at one other restaurant.  The chicken parmesan shown above features a thick sauce with few discernible chunks of tomato.  The sauce is slightly sweet, slightly savory, and goes well with the lightly breaded chicken breast.  Be sure to wear your stretchy pants here too because you definitely won’t go away hungry!

The chicken piccata was cooked to perfection with a nice light lemon sauce and a plethora of capers.  As a lover of capers, nothing is more irritating than ordering a dish that calls for capers and getting just one or two.   Fresh steamed broccoli and linguine with a butter sauce accompanied the meal.   The linguine was cooked to perfection and the butter sauce was excellent.

For dessert, I decided to try the spumoni cake which was delicious.  The three layers are chocolate, pistachio, and cherry.  The layer of icing between the cherry layer and the pistachio layer is pistachio pudding (one of my personal favorites).  The icing is heavy whipping cream with cherries on top.  Really yummy.

The Tiramisu, was um, good. (Cary ate it before I was even able to get a picture.  He was a BIG fan.)

Nana Rosa is small and very popular.  For Friday and Saturday night, reservations are recommended.

Nana Rosa
109 Walton Ferry Rd
Hendersonville, TN 37075

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One comment on “Nana Rosa

  1. Tara says:

    Glad you finally had the opportunity to experience what a lot of us already knew: NANA ROSA ROCKS!! Such wonderful food, but there are wonderful people behind it. Just reading this blog entry is making my mouth water…

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