Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House

For my birthday about a month ago, Sarah thought a themed birthday was in order, and suggested we head down for a day trip to Lynchburg, TN to visit both Miss Mary Bobo’s boarding house as well as to tour the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.  Miss Mary Bobo’s is a local institution that was actually purchased by the company that owns Jack Daniel’s in the interest of preserving the historical significance of the area and continuing to support the local economy.  Today, Miss Mary Bobo’s serves as a family style restaurant for those visiting the distillery or anyone just looking for a taste of true southern fare.

As mentioned earlier, Miss Mary’s is a family style restaurant, which loosely translated means, all you can eat just like Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house.  On the menu when we visited was meatloaf and fried chicken as our meats, plus roasted potatoes, baked apples (with a bit of the “local product”), fried okra, and mac and cheese (yes mac and cheese is a vegetable as far as I’m concerned).

As with every visit to your grandmother’s (at least mine), sweets were definitely on the menu, this time in the form of a chocolate fudge/chess pie that almost sent me over the edge.

Just so everybody knows, downtown Lynchburg, yes all two hundred square yards of it, has plenty of other things to do besides eating and (not)drinking.  Moore County Jail was the first jail in Lynchburg and was originally erected in 1872 and remained in operation until 1990.  Ever supportive of the local economy, the distillery also doesn’t have a gift store on site, but rather encourages people to visit the gift stores it has located in the town square.

The visit to the distillery includes a heavy dose of the history of the area as well as a lot of little known facts about the company, such as the used corn is recycled as feed for local cows (when means we now know where the REALLY happy cows come from).  You finish off your tour with free lemonade (Moore county being dry and all), and a better idea of the history and culture that makes Middle Tennessee special.

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3 comments on “Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House

  1. Heather says:

    You lucked out! When we visited they had just plain chess pie. We were hoping for something chocolate-y (not that we were disappointed overall! It’s really great food.)

  2. Lannae says:

    I got to do this once too, Miss Mary Bobo’s and The JD tour, and LOVED IT! I really liked the fried okra because it has a nice thin batter, and they are made fresh, not prefrozen. It is the first time I actually at fried okra and so much so, they brought another bowl to the table :) I have had so-called “fried okra” before, but they are thick hard covered frozen kind, and I had one bite and had to throw out the rest because Sysco or food service stuff is so bad. Miss Mary Bobo’s fried okra is SO GOOD!

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