Athen’s Family Restaurant

The Nashville Greek festival is quickly approaching (September 9 – 11).  To “warm up” for the festival so to speak, we thought we’d revisit one of our favorite restaurants.  We found the Athens Family Restaurant when we started dating way back in 2006 and visit it frequently.  They serve a fantastic breakfast, as well as traditional Greek food, if you visit later in the day.

The Pastichio features layers of pasta, ground beef and a variety of cheeses topped with a rich béchamel sauce.  There is a slight hint of cinnamon, which is delightful.  The dish is accompanied by green beans and Dina’s potatoes, which are boiled potatoes in a rich cream sauce.  Overall the dish is a very hearty, filling dinner!

Cary opted for the mixed grill platter, which came with grilled lamb and beef, a small Greek salad, Dina’s potatoes and buttery pita wedges.  The mixed grill is the perfect thing for you carnivores out there.  The meats change often, and include various incarnations of beef, lamb, and pork, prepared and seasoned in various greek preparations.  Always remember to ask for the Dina’s potatoes, as the cheesy, butter sauce that the potatoes are bathed in makes for excellent dipping with the pita.

Athen’s Family Restaurant
2526 Franklin Pike
Nashville, TN 37204

Athens Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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