Mack and Kate’s Cafe

We recently visited Mack and Kate’s Cafe in Franklin for Sunday brunch.  Normally when I go to a restaurant, I don’t pay much attention to the decor.  In general, I’m pretty focused on the food.  What I first noticed when I walked in the door was how peaceful the atmosphere was and how nicely the restaurant was decorated.  The bar made out of what looks like reclaimed wood reminded me of a nice restaurant in Charleston or Savannah.

We started our brunch with a blood orange mimosa and a bloody Mary.  Mack and Kate’s doesn’t make the mistake many places do with a bloody Mary, that is getting WAY too fancy.  The drink was a nice combination of tomato juice, peppery vodka, and good splashes of Worcestershire and hot sauce.  The overall combination was nicely refreshing with a good kick to go with a tasty brunch.

After ordering our drinks, blueberry muffins were promptly brought to our table.  The muffins were light, fluffy and had a delightful buttery taste.

We started the meal with fried green tomatoes topped with goat cheese and a chipotle aioli.  We liked the fried green tomatoes because they were thick cut, which meant they actually stood up to being cooked, and didn’t fall apart like the thin cut ones we see so often.  The goat cheese added a unique tang to the tomatoes and the chipotle aioli perfectly completed the dish.

The eggs Benedict had a traditional presentation with a tangy hollandaise sauce and slightly runny eggs.  It did seem a little light on the ham, but the tasty red potatoes on the side more than made up for it.

The southern crab stack featured seasoned grits topped with a crab cake and smothered with a shrimp and andouille sausage saute.  The grits had a nice creamy texture and were perfectly complimented with the addition of the crab cakes.  We also found out that the red potatoes were delicious dipped in the cheesy sauce that topped the crab stack.

Mack and Kate’s was an excellent way to start the day.  They take pride in using local ingredients and developing seasonal menus.  We can’t wait to try them for lunch or dinner.

Mack and Kate’s Cafe
3078 Maddux Way
Franklin, TN 37069

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