Nana’s Meat and Three

Happy New Year!  We had a wild and crazy New Year’s Eve…  we went to the new meat and three in town!  Give us a break…  we do have a baby!  :)

Since Southern Bred closed, we’ve been on the lookout for a new regular meat and three to visit.  We were delighted when Nana’s Meat and Three opened in Nolensville.   The first thing we noticed when we read the menu is that they only offer a few regular meat items (with daily specials) and many sides.  They may only offer a few meat items, but those that we have tried are excellent.  I would much rather a restaurant have a limited selection, but know that everything they offer is going to be delicious.

Like any good Southern Meat and Three, the meal starts with cornbread muffins.  These were perfect with just a hint of sweetness.  The service is great as well.  Before we could finish our muffins, our entrees had arrived at our table.

The chicken fried steak (sans gravy) was delicious with a lightly breaded crust.    Many times meat and three’s make the mistake of seasoning heavily with butter and salt.  Nana’s does not make that mistake as the vegetables are lightly seasoned, allowing the taste of the individual vegetable to shine. The collard greens had a hint of bacon flavor.  The cabbage was cooked to perfection with a delicious broth.

The chicken fried chicken had a crispy but light breading, was lightly seasoned, well cooked but juicy with a gravy that didn’t thicken as it cooled.  The mac and cheese was extremely rich with a nice thick sauce, almost a casserole consistency.  The mashed potatoes had a few lovely chunks with a gravy that was extremely potent (in a good way).

We finished our meal with pie.  The chess pie was super sweet, as a chess pie should be, with a delightful crunch.  Personally, I preferred it over the chocolate chess.

The chocolate chess pie tasted almost like a fudge pie with a lovely buttery crust.  We also tried the chocolate meringue pie, which had a thick chocolate pudding like filling with a light and fluffy meringue at least 2 inches high.  This might be the best chocolate meringue in the Nashville area.

We’ve been to Nana’s twice and both times all the food was delicious.  I suggest you try it!  :)

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