Summer Fun, Part 1

So, remember when I said I was looking forward to summer because I would have time to write posts and visit farmer’s markets?  Yeah…. right….  So, it turns out that as a college professor I’m just as busy (if not busier) in the summer as I am during the school year.  This year I was involved in a really interesting, awesome summer research project that left very little time for anything else.

We did find the time to take two really nice trips this summer, one for fun and one for work.  We went to Seacrest, FL with my family for some relaxing fun in the sun.  We ate at lots of lovely places including Flip Flops Grill, Hurricane Oyster Bar, The Local Catch, La Crema Tapas and Chocolate, and Cafe 30A.  While all the places were lovely, the food at Cafe 30A was really amazing.  As an added bonus, if you eat between 5pm and 6pm, all entries are half off.

The pan seared snapper was served on a spicy jambalaya risotto with an heirloom tomato salsa.  The spice of the risotto really enhanced the understated flavor of the snapper.

The filet mignon was perfectly tender and juicy.  It was served on Yukon gold mashed potatoes, topped with blue cheese, and decorated with carrots and asparagus.

For dessert, the apple raisin bread pudding was served with a cinnamon ice cream and topped with a bourbon sauce.  This was a perfect pairing of lightly flavored ice cream and rich cake (can you call bread pudding cake…  I don’t really feel like it is a pudding… hmm..).

The best thing about Cafe 30A is that they are very child friendly.  No dirty looks and the waiters even talked to our Bug and picked up toys. It was really a great dining experience for the whole family.

Cafe Thirty-A on Urbanspoon

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