Summer Fun, part 2

Our next summer trip took us to Penn State for a chemistry education conference.  We decided to travel by car and basically ate our way to State College!

Our first stop was in Lexington, KY for dinner at Tolly Ho.  We got a Ho Burger, complete with Ho sauce.  I’m real mature, so I giggled through the whole meal.  The food was great too.  :)

For lunch the next day, we stopped by Hillbilly Hotdogs.

The restaurant boasts a 10lb Big Bad Bubba burger, which some brave soul did order while we were there.  It was quite large.  I ordered the smaller version, the Big Bad Bubba’s Baby Sister Bertha Burger.  It was perfectly cooked and delicious.

The garlic ranch fries were my favorite.  The crispy fries were covered with ranch dressing, garlic salt, cheese and bacon.  Delicious.  We were especially naughty and ordered extra ranch to dip the fries in.

The Hillbilly Dog was a deep fried hotdog with chili, mustard, onions and slaw.   It was a messy bunch of deliciousness!

The Pizza Dog was topped with pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and fried pepperoni.

There was only one waitress on the very busy Saturday when we visited.  We had to wait quite a while, but the food was worth it!

Hillbilly Hot Dogs on Urbanspoon

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2 comments on “Summer Fun, part 2

  1. Goodness, these look awesome!

  2. Did you swing by Hershey for some chocolate?

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