Nona Lisa Pizzeria

My friend Katie owns a lovely Italian restaurant in Watertown.  Now, I only write about great restaurants here, so this could have gone poorly for both of us.  Good thing that she makes some of the best Italian food in the Nashville area.

The Nona Bread is a mouth watering concoction of sliced garlic cloves and mozzarella cheese folded into a buttery pizza crust and topped with a little more cheese.  It is served piping hot and melts in one’s mouth.

I ordered the special which included the choice of a small salad.  The Caesar salad contained tasty house made croutons with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.  The dressing was delightfully spicy with hints of freshly ground pepper.

A friend of mine ordered the Caprese salad featuring garden fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and topped with fresh basil.  By garden fresh, I mean garden fresh.  Katie picked the tomatoes that morning.  My friend let me have a bite and I regretted my Caesar salad decision for a few seconds.

The chicken piccata had a very light lemon sauce with a plethora of capers, mushrooms and fresh parsley on a bed of linguine topped with lemon zest.  The chicken was baked and the texture was perfect.  The absence of a heavy breading really lets the light lemon flavor shine.

The cannoli had a spicy (Chai?  cinnamon?  She won’t tell me.)  cream  in a crispy shell topped with powdered sugar.  You can choose to have the ends dipped in pistachio nuts or chocolate chips.  I opted for both and the angels in Heaven sang.

Katie also let me take pictures of her garden while I was there.  This is the fresh basil that was on the Caprese salad.

Here are the tomatoes.

Corno di torro peppers

A lovely looking cantelope.

A Costata Romanesco Italian zuchini.

A Listada de Gandia eggplant.

Now here are just some pretty flowers that I couldn’t resist taking pictures of.  :)

Nona Lisa is excellent.  It is well worth the drive to Watertown and I suggest you try it.  :)

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