White Oak Kitchen and Cocktails

While we were in Atlanta, we decided to try White Oak Kitchen and Cocktails for New Year’s Eve. White Oak Kitchen is an upscale restaurant featuring a spin on Southern food.


With the word cocktail in the name, we expected a variety of specialty drinks and we were not disappointed.  Their specialty cocktail menu featured drinks with names like Jolene (Tito’s vodka, lime, grapefruit, and orange blossom flowers), Sweet Home (Rum, King’s Ginger, and cranberry juice), and Murmur (vodka, blackberry sage tea and coke).  I tried Rocket Science with Hendrick’s Gin and pomegranate juice.  The rim was coated with crushed sweet tarts.  The sweet tarts balanced the gin very well and surprisingly the drink was tasty, but not too sweet.  It was great.


The Pimento Cheese appetizer had fried green tomatoes stacked on a spicy strawberry compote with pimento cheese between the layers of tomatoes.   The pimento cheese was a little spicy and complimented the fried green tomatoes well.  I know that fried green tomatoes are sometimes served with goat cheese, which I find to be a very strong taste to pair with the lighter flavors of the tomato.  I was concerned that the pimento cheese would be similar, but it wasn’t.


The lamb chops were cooked to a perfect medium, and were served with wild mushroom fricassee.  It was also served with candied bacon Brussels spouts, which were a little underdone.


The steak was served with a squash and zucchini medley and mashed potatoes.   The steak was tender and basically melted in one’s mouth.


The whole meal had been delightful so far. The drinks, appetizers and entrees were great and the service was really phenomenal.  We were a little surprised with the desserts.  The ideas of the desserts we ordered seemed good, but there were just a little lacking.  For example, the special was white chocolate bread pudding with homemade peppermint ice cream.  Both of these things sounded delicious and I assumed they would be served independently of each other.  Apparently the ice cream was supposed to function as a sauce for the bread pudding, but it just didn’t work.  The flavors clashed a bit and because there was no true sauce the bread pudding came across dry.  We did go early for dinner and I got the feeling that the chef tinkered with the meal throughout the evening, so maybe it improved as the night went on.


Cary ordered the creme brulee and we had high hopes for it.  It was topped with poached pears, whipped cream, and a sprig of mint.  The taste of the brulee was great, but the area under the pear did not have the crispy sugar topping, which was a huge disappointment.

Even though the desserts seemed off, the rest of the meal was great and we would visit White Oak Kitchen again.
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