Blue Plate Cafe


Recently Cary and I hopped down the Memphis to visit some of our family.  I’ve been visiting Memphis (Cary’s home town) for seven years and this was the first time that he took me to the Blue Plate Cafe.   I thought maybe it was a little over-rated and that’s why we had never been, but boy was I wrong.  (After I asked him, it turns out it was just poor scheduling and lack of opportunity.)


The biscuits were my favorite.  I’ve been in the South my whole life and am a self-professed carb lover.  These came to the table warm, had a delightfully buttery crisp top and were soft and doughy on the inside. (We recently had some biscuits at a restaurant that I love.  Cary asked me what I thought about them…  I said they were ok, but not as good as the Blue Plate.  These are now my gold standard.)

IMG_0179The Belgium waffle was hot (Really, so much about good breakfast food is about the temperature it is served.  A cold waffle just tastes like mush.) and had a delightfully crispy texture.  It was so big, I could only eat about half of it.  Of course, it could have been that biscuit or two I had as an appetizer…


Cary enjoyed the omelet with skillet potatoes.  The potatoes had a nice crispy brown exterior, while maintaining a moist interior. The omelet was fluffy with a good mixture of sausage and cheese.

The entire Blue Plate Cafe experience was a pleasure and we will be visiting again when we are in Memphis.

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2 comments on “Blue Plate Cafe

  1. Rick says:

    Necole and I ate at the Blue Plate in Chattanooga. It was great.

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